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Blog News’ve started this “Blog News” page. It will feature updates in the JayMan world in between blog posts. Until the next post, this page will be the blog’s front page.

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Current News


Ms45bezALLMiaosUJ9wK1Q_holiday_us_uk_v1As seen on Twitter, I have an interesting funding request. Partly motivated by hbd* chick’s latest post, I would like to request assistance in obtaining 23andMe genotyping for my family. As hbd* chick has done, I’ll post my results here when I get them.

The matter takes on some degree of urgency at the moment. My wife’s grandfather is not faring too well, and we would like to genotype him soon.


These kits are quite a bit out of our price range, so I need to ask for your help. There’s a couple of options. The easiest way might just be the standard PayPal donation. That has the advantage of not requiring you to have the whole amount at once. Click the button below or the one to the right to donate:

Just for the record, I’ve so far haven’t gotten anywhere near enough. Please give, if you can. Thanks!


I’m also once again accepting Bitcoins, at address:


Finally, you can e-mail me at the address seen at the upper right if you’d like to work out something else.

North American Nations 4 3

Also, in the mean time, if you haven’t seen it, please see my review page covering my American Nations Series at the top, in addition to all my other topical summary pages visible in the menu at the top of the page.



There are several major posts in the pipeline. I will soon reward my readers with some fascinating stuff closing in on my 200th post! Stay tuned!

Important blog/topical/HBD-related comments can be made here. See also my Open Thread for more general comments.



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