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November 23, 2012 / JayMan

Giving thanks


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  1. szopeno / Nov 26 2012 9:02 AM

    It took me a while to realise that “Jesus” is normal Spaniard name 🙂 In my culture, trying to call a child “jesus” would cause an uproar 🙂

    Funny thing, how those cultural things are acting under your consciousness. After all, I am atheist, so what’s so special about this “Jesus” name? Yet the idea that a man could have such name is so alien to me that despite knowing that Spaniards have such name on consciouss level, I couldn’t “use” that knowledge to understand the joke immedietely 🙂

    In the past, I;ve heard, it was the same with the name “Mary” – in XV century (IIRC) Polish chronicler wrote with disgust about woman who are so proud that they call their daughter “Mary”.

    And even earlier, some names were reserved for royalty only. Up to XIV century no one except rulers would even dream to call his son “BolesĹ‚aw”.

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