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June 25, 2014 / JayMan

Just F—in’ Sayin’

What was his excuse? (From NBC)

Where’s your psychoanalysis now?

Previously: Beware Armchair Psychoanalysis


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  1. journeyman / Jun 26 2014 12:38 AM

    You don’t typically see this kind of behavior from black and brown adolescents. So far it’s mostly been whites and Asians. But of course black and brown teens have their own characteristic ways of acting out that you don’t see as much of in whites and Asians.

    Why is it a symptom of oppression and a broken social system in the former case, but a sign of “mental illness” on the other?

    Seems to me like mental illness is however one’s mind is incompatible with a given social system, and a broken social system is one that’s incompatible with one’s mind.

  2. Canadian Friend / Jun 26 2014 10:30 AM

    It seems on average white people’s violence tends to be carefully planned for weeks, months or years while black violence on average tends to be because of a lack of control of impulse and happens suddenly with little (if any) planning.

    I am a race realist, I look at facts, I analyze and come to conclusions or propose theories even if they are not “politically correct” and may hurt some sensibilities… and at the risk of creating a storm of hate comments, I will say this;

    The former is more ” intellectual” or “cerebral” and even though it is wrong it is done with more intelligence ( just as it was wrong of Hitler to start a war and kill innocents, it was still done with impressive intelligence), while the latter is more primitive or animal like and not much intelligent thinking was involved ( like a pittbull with which one minute you are playing ball with and the next he is chewing your face off ).

    The way black violence happens – out of nowhere – we stand little chance of preventing it, thus it is more dangerous ( and more scary; which blacks will blow a fuse and shoot? which will not? since there are no warning signs? ) than the violence of white people who spend months preparing and accumulating material and weapons, thus have a suspicious behavior that lasts a long time and that has a high chance of being detected, reported by someone and then investigated and stopped.

    • journeyman / Jun 26 2014 12:52 PM

      > we stand little chance of preventing it, thus it is more dangerous

      That assumes that, out of whatever violence we’re not able to stop, the impulsive, petty violence of black and brown people will be more destructive in the aggregate than the planned, spectacular violence of whites and asians.

      That may be, but what I think is *really* dangerous is that effectively stopping either sort seems to involve scuppering Western cultures’ most cherished public good: our freedom and civil liberties.

      Which is why I think mental illness needs to be on the table for petty crime, and likewise ‘systemic causes’ for spectacular crime.

    • Canadian Friend / Jun 26 2014 1:20 PM

      Murder rates are higher among black and brown people, there is no need to assume anything, the FBI and other sources have the numbers.

      The main stream media makes it seem like mass shootings ( by white male – lone wolf type ) are a bigger problem but that is a lie, much less people ( in fact a tiny number ) have died in mass shootings than have been killed by black and brown people in the last 10, 25, 50 years.

      in a typical weekend in Chicago blacks kill more people than are killed in a typical mass shooting by a white male.

      That is pretty much every weekend while mass shootings are far and few.

      There is no comparison certain demographics ( blacks and browns ) commit the vast majority of murders.

      The main stream media and everything that is politically correct and/or liberal is bending over backwards to hide this but it is the truth.

      Mass shootings by white males are spectacular ( and convenient for an anti-white culture that loves to bash white males ) but they are a tiny problem compared to all the blacks and Hispanics who murder ten or a hundred times more people every year.

    • journeyman / Jun 26 2014 1:32 PM

      That black and brown people disproportionately commit murders (and petty violence in general, I imagine) is beyond dispute.

      But in order to make the kind of straight-line projection that you’re making (“A is more dangerous than B”) you have to assume: (1) that the number of white/asian mass murderers or the lethality of their methods won’t evolve in ways that dominate the numerical superiority of their low-IQ counterparts, and (2) that the “danger” consists solely of body count.

      In particular, violent crime by black and brown people doesn’t seem to trigger the anti-gun hysterics that violent crime by whites and asians do.

  3. thisismypp / Jun 26 2014 4:11 PM

    Murder and violence rates among blacks and browns have been dropping though haven’t they?

    The murder rate for blacks is 35 or so per 100 000 black people (2010). Thats tiny. Also for teenagers now its apparently 10.6 per 100 00. Even smaller.

    Lots of gangs involved in that which equals planning and following of certain principles.

    • thisismypp / Jun 26 2014 4:18 PM

      Also the knock out game is also planning, its entertainment.

  4. thisismypp / Jun 26 2014 4:21 PM

    Jayman you need an edit option in the comments dude.

  5. panjoomby / Jun 26 2014 8:17 PM

    it’s cute that during the questioning he repeatedly asked for psychological help – he really believes psychological help can “help” – how ridiculous! (seriously).

  6. Toddy Cat / Jun 27 2014 10:36 AM

    “The murder rate for blacks is 35 or so per 100 000 black people (2010). Thats tiny”

    Tiny? Compared to what? Mexico has a murder rate of about 20/100,000, and the country is coming unglued. Brazil had a murder rate of 33/100,000, and practically declared martial law. Yeah, the black murder rate is lower than it was in the 1970’s but that tells you more about crime in the 70’s than anything else.

    • thisismypp / Jun 27 2014 12:03 PM

      “Tiny? Compared to what?”

      Err… compared to the population of the people in question. I’m seeing figures lower than 35 too, one gives 19 and like I mentioned previously the 10 per 100 000. That is a very small percent of black people killing or being killed. Its decreasing steadily too.

      ” Mexico has a murder rate of about 20/100,000, and the country is coming unglued”

      No its not, but Ukraine is.

    • Canadian Friend / Jun 27 2014 12:49 PM

      If memory serves Canada’s rate for 2013 was about 2 per 100,000

      New York city was around 5 per 100,000

      Chicago was around 40 per 100,000 and was around or above 50 per 100,000 in previous years

      So yes, 35 per 100,000 is high

  7. Canadian Friend / Jun 27 2014 12:54 PM

    Wish I had a link but I know I read in more than one article that even though murder rates have been going down a little in recent years ( in the USA ) , violent crimes ( rape, robbery, etc ) are on the rise.

    • Canadian Friend / Jun 27 2014 1:10 PM

      Jayman had similar maps not long ago but I just took a look at the one from Wikipedia and here are the striking and undeniable facts that jump at you within two seconds;

      – murder rates are higher where skin is darker

      – murder rates are lower where skin is lighter.

      The only exception is Russia which has a somewhat high rate of murder for a light skin nation but still it is much lower than in South America or Africa.

      Honduras is the worse with over 90 per 100,000

      here is the link

      I will say this again; mass shootings/mass murder by lone wolf white males account for a minuscule portion of all murders in the USA. I read somewhere that deaths in mass murders in the USA are less than 1% of all murders. I think it was closer to one thousandth of all murders but I did not save the link to that article. Wish I had.

  8. Tikka Linnut / Jun 27 2014 1:52 PM

    Regarding homicides per 100,000, improvements in emergency and trauma medicine have saved the lives of many Urban Yooth who in past years would be dead. At my local (Catholic hospital) ER, degenerates with knife/gun/chainsaw/drunk driving/etc. wounds get pushed to the front of the line for treatment every day of the week. While those who are responsible, forward-thinking, etc., languish.

    Also in many cities in black-run America, what would be reliably reported as a homicide elsewhere may not be. Consider Chicago Magazine’s ongoing investigative reporting on Rahm Emanuel’s chief of police pressuring everyone under him to underreport homicides, change their categories, or simply let them get lost in the shuffle…so that Chicagoland can pretend that this behavior by blacks has decreased.

    Then there are all the things not reported as homicides, such as the “accidents” happening to black children (I worked in the ER of a big city hospital; city was 65% black then, 85+ percent now). Like the four-year-old who came in close to dead with second- and third-degree burns on his entire body, from the neck down to his toes, except where the imprint of two adult hands covered his upper arms. He was narrowly saved by the trauma unit.

    His incubator claimed he had “fallen in” a tub of scalding hot water. Considering she was also being treated for “grease burns” to her hands and wrists and face, that was beyond implausible. The powers that be in law enforcement decided that “the family had suffered enough from this terrible accident,” so the kid was turned back over to his abuser so she could convert her sadism into Munchausen syndrome by proxy as the child endured several years’ worth of terrible burn treatment at taxpayers’ expense.

    This all implies that the black homicide rate per 100,000 is likely higher than FBI and other numbers indicate. This stuff isn’t planned, it’s how they act. It’s what kept me from becoming an M.D. There was no way I was going to devote all that time, energy, and money to becoming a surgeon so that I’d be forced to patch up nineteenth-trimester-aborted children to return them to their tormentors, or to save degenerates from finally understanding that their behavior has consequences. And to encourage them to go on and breed more of their kind, who will always, ALWAYS act true to type.

  9. thisismypp / Jun 27 2014 3:20 PM

    In reply to Canadian friend:

    “So yes, 35 per 100,000 is high”

    0.035% even 0.09%(Honduras) of a group of people being murdered is not high. 0.035% and falling in USA, one says its 19 murders per 100 000 for USA blacks. 99% and then some of the people within all those groups are not murderers.

    “in recent years ( in the USA ), violent crimes ( rape, robbery, etc ) are on the rise.”

    Nope, those are(if there is such data) a few spikes in the last few years, spikes have been happening since the 90s. The overall rate has dropped significantly in pretty much everything since then. The incarceration rate has also begun to fall.

    “- murder rates are higher where skin is darker
    – murder rates are lower where skin is lighter.

    Yes that is true, so lucky you… for now.

    • Toddy Cat / Jun 27 2014 3:33 PM

      You remind me of that quote from “Prizzi’s Honor”

      Jack Nicholsen (to Kathleen Turner) “So, how many guys have you whacked?”
      Turner – “Not many”
      Jack – “How many is not many?”
      Turner – 25, 30.
      Jack – “That’s NOT MANY ?!?”
      Turner – Well, not considering the size of the general population”

      Compared to rates for other groups in the U.S., 35/100,000 is high. No, it’s probably not as good a job of it as Genghis Khan or Stalin would have done, but still…

      “The overall rate has dropped significantly in pretty much everything since then. The incarceration rate has also begun to fall.”

      This is true, so lucky you – for now…

  10. thisismypp / Jun 27 2014 4:02 PM

    @ Toddy Cat

    Its lower than 35, between 19 and 29.

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