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December 24, 2015 / JayMan

The Chrismas Holiday

Look folks, I say “Merry Christmas” (and not “Happy Holidays”). And quite simply, here’s why:


Even though I am an atheist, the “Happy Holidays” euphemism is stupid.



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  1. Anonymous / Dec 24 2015 6:40 PM

    Merry Christmas Jayman!

  2. Chip Smith / Dec 24 2015 11:09 PM

    Before the greetings were irrevocably politicized, I recall people saying both “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” and my vague sense was that the latter mainly referred to Christmas + New Year — not that it was a bow to multicultural traditions. But I guess we’re stuck with the new baggage now, and, being a convinced atheist myself, I am happy to agree with Dawkins here. One of the fun things about not being religious is that you get to minimize the theistic content of common cultural traditions. Enjoy the show.

    Merry Christmas, JayMan!

    • JayMan / Dec 24 2015 11:10 PM


      Thank you!

      For the longest time that was my understanding of “Happy Holidays” as well. Oh well.

  3. Anonymous / Dec 25 2015 11:48 PM

    Something worth reading about the corrupt so called ‘social sciences.’

    “How a rebellious scientist uncovered the surprising truth about stereotypes”

    A section:

    “His fellow psychologists shifted in their seats. Jussim pointed out that the level of obfuscation the authors went to, in order to disguise their actual data, was intense. Statistical techniques appeared to have been chosen that would hide the study’s true results. And it appeared that no peer reviewers, or journal editors, took the time, or went to the effort of scrutinizing the study in a way that was sufficient to identify the bold misrepresentations.

    While the authors’ political motivations for publishing the paper were obvious, it was the lax attitude on behalf of peer reviewers – Jussim suggested – that was at the heart of the problems within social psychology. The field had become a community in which political values and moral aims were shared, leading to an asymmetry in which studies that reinforced left-wing narratives had come to be disproportionately represented in the literature. And this was not, to quote Stephen Colbert, because “reality had a liberal bias”. It was because social psychology had a liberal bias.”

    Read the whole thing at:

  4. Anonymous / Dec 28 2015 8:38 AM

    Hey Jayman,

    Vernaculis made a video responding to your post “Clannishness – the Series: Zigzag Lightning in the Brain.” that is at:

    You can view the seven and a half minute video here:


    • JayMan / Dec 28 2015 1:20 PM


      To say that this person is fucking confused would be putting it lightly. He doesn’t even seem to be aware from who he lifted that chart from.

      That said, he seems to be arguing against equally confused White Nationalist garbage. Best not to give him more airtime than he already has gotten.

    • Anonymous / Dec 28 2015 6:36 PM

      He linked to your “Clannishness – the Series: Zigzag Lightning in the Brain” post during a discussion in the comments section under his video, saying that that is where he got the graph.

      He said this in the video description:

      “Yes, the graph in the video was actually a graph that was cited to me as evidence. Look at how they have to jerry-rig the bubbles in order to imply some sort of correlation. They have no idea what they’re doing. The red box is used to highlight just one of the many similarities between different races in different countries.”

      So he feels that you jerry-rigged the bubbles in the chart to push some agenda or something.

    • JayMan / Dec 29 2015 9:15 AM


      Which is why I say he’s totally lost and confused, apparently is quite clueless, and is not worth my time. Sorry, I know you want me to trash his argument, but if I am to much a morsel, it must be one I can sink my teeth into…

  5. MEH 0910 / Dec 29 2015 6:45 PM

    JayMan, are you no longer posting at Unz? I only see you in the Unz archived columns now.

  6. Anonymous / Dec 31 2015 5:06 PM

    Are you going to publish the results of your reader survey?

    • JayMan / Dec 31 2015 5:07 PM

      Working on it.

  7. Rambo John / Jan 24 2016 4:59 PM

    Hey Jayman, I was pointed to your website about finding proof for homosexuality being a disorder. Would you be able to point out something solid which I can use (something with sources please).

    I read the two articles on “gay germs” and the special post on 2012 but I want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

    Thanks for your time

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