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October 23, 2016 / JayMan


Imagine for a moment that creationists ran the government, academia, and the media. Now, if you’ve ever argued with creationists, you know that no matter what you say, no matter what you show them, you simply can not get them to accept the incontrovertible evidence for evolution. Rather, they insist that the world was literally created in six days by God as recited in Genesis in the Bible, and will twist the facts so as to favor this belief.

ark-encounter1-730x411They are known for bringing lawsuits and appealing to their political leaders to silence anyone that dares utters the facts about evolution and exposes their children to such blasphemy. They even have their own parallel “creation science” nonsense, displayed in places like their Noah’s Ark museum.

james-watson-010But even better, since these people run society, anyone that breaks the official dogma and speaks the truth of evolution can lose their job – indeed be blacklisted so they never work in their profession again – be publicly shamed and harassed in mass media, and subject to witch hunts.

Now imagine that these people in fact actually do run society, only instead of denying evolution completely, they deny that it applies to humans, especially within the last 50,000 years…

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  1. John Engelman / Oct 23 2016 12:24 PM

    Requiring children to learn about evolution in public schools is the way a powerful minority persecutes a weak minority.

    Few people need to learn evolution. Seventh Day Adventist universities train excellent physicians without broaching the subject.

    Those who wish to learn about evolution can learn the way I did, on their own in public libraries.

    • JayMan / Oct 23 2016 12:27 PM

      I support the teaching of evolution in schools – just like I favor the teaching of algebra in schools.

      In the end, relatively few will understand either (even people whose jobs involving knowing), but if you don’t teach it, no one will know.

  2. sterling sorbet (@expeedee) / Oct 24 2016 12:13 AM

    Jayman, I believe you are right and that evolution should at least be taught as a high school elective and a prerequisite for college. Without a basic knowledge of evolution it is hard to fully understand human behavior. I know people who claim that they understand evolution, but after a brief conversation, I can clearly see that they lack a real understanding of its implications.

  3. Mark F. / Oct 24 2016 1:17 PM

    I saw an interesting documentary recently called “Pandora’s Promise, ” which made a liberal environmentalist case for nuclear power. One interesting scene involved an environmentalist woman being confronted with the fact that Chernobyl has only caused 50 confirmed deaths and may eventually cause up to 4,000 deaths from cancer. This information is found in reports from the WHO and numerous respected scientific organizations. However, when confronted with the evidence, this “liberal” insisted that the real figure was 1 million and there was a huge conspiracy to cover up this fact. She sounded exactly like one of those right-wing people denying human caused global warming, or denying that vaccines are effective. Or creationists who think there is a Satanic plot to get people to believe the earth is older than 6,000 years. She had her beliefs, and please don’t confuse her with the facts.

    • JayMan / Oct 24 2016 1:18 PM


  4. John Engelman / Oct 24 2016 1:27 PM

    Many who insist that public schools teach evolution deny Darwinism when they maintain that IQ differences between individuals and average differences between races are unimportant.

    Those who deny man made climate change do not try to punish those who disagree with them. It can be dangerous to agree with assertions made in The Bell Curve and similar writings.

  5. rw95 / Oct 25 2016 8:30 PM


    Since the bell curve shows us that IQ gaps between populations are largely genetic, and no amount of education will ever close those gaps, should we simply stop sending black and Hispanic students to school altogether? Is there really a purpose in teaching a more or less unteachable demographic?

    • JayMan / Oct 25 2016 8:44 PM

      Should we stop sending low-IQ Whites to school?

    • rw95 / Oct 25 2016 8:48 PM

      As much as we hate to admit it, Jayman, low-IQ whites are far less numerous and less of a problem than low IQ blacks and Hispanics. The white majority seems to be getting pretty fed up.

    • JayMan / Oct 25 2016 8:58 PM

      Number of White Americans with IQ < 90: 47 million.

      Number of Hispanic Americans IQ < 90: 25 million

      Number of Black Americans with IQ < 90: 26 million.

      Number of IQ sub 90 White Americans is a little less than sub 90 Black and Hispanic Americans combined.

    • rw95 / Oct 25 2016 9:17 PM

      Do low IQ whites disrupt classrooms as much as blacks and Hispanics, or create no go zones like black inner cities?

      The alt-right is very much in ascendance, Jayman, and to be frank I’m terrified. Segregation, anti-miscegenation laws, and even mass deportations very well may be on the table within the next couple of decades.

    • RaceRealist / Oct 31 2016 10:40 PM

      The alt-right is very much in ascendance

      You really think their LARPing will come to fruition? Most of them have no idea of the basics of human genetics. They, as Razib says, are myth-makers.

      Even if they come to power (I doubt it. I’ve seen some estimates, though rough, for average altright IQ being 94) they won’t get their fantasies done. They don’t live in the real world. They live in a fantasy world..

      I do consider myself altright, but not WN because I try to be realistic in my beliefs.

      Segregation, anti-miscegenation laws, and even mass deportations very well may be on the table within the next couple of decades.

      This is a huge pipe dream. It won’t happen. Don’t worry about it man. Worry about what you can control and not what you can’t–most people worry about things they can’t control and they end up having inane fantasies and warped views of the real world.

      Good to see you back JayMan. Was wondering when you’d appear again. I hope all is well.

    • Samuel Skinner / Dec 5 2016 10:23 AM

      Nationalism destroyed multiple empires; I do not see why it can’t do the same thing today. The white percentage of the population is dropping in the US and I expect the situation to escalate because of that.

      As for pipe dream, the ‘moderate’ solution is to genetically engineer black people into having the same intelligence and behavioral traits as white people. This has two fundamental issues
      -currently living black people
      -black people watching their children grow up and having absolutely nothing in common with them.

      I mean, it is possible black people are on board with essentially being surrogate wombs to pump out a bunch of black skinned white liberals. I’m not aware of evidence of single black mothers using sperm banks, large scale adoption or any other behavior that remotely indicates such a preference..

  6. Yudi / Oct 27 2016 2:54 AM

    You’re proposing the complete denial of education to non-whites (something not even the Jim Crow South did) and then whining about how you fear the alt-right and their ideas? Wtf is wrong with you? Comments in this thread have been retarded.

    I thought this post was great. It’s dreadful how little tolerance there is for hereditarians like Jayman who have no hint of malice in their hearts. If more people had considered the implications of The Bell Curve and acted calmly in the face of the facts, the future would be less bleak than it will likely end up being.

    Just running a Google search on “hereditarian” brings up some truly depressing results.

    • rw95 / Oct 27 2016 9:42 PM

      I call it as I see it. We non-whites are in for some dark times, especially those of us who happen to be more melanin enriched than others.

      That’s the problem with HBD. It pretty much shows that the racists were right in just about everything they said. Hereditarians such as Jayman and HBD Chick are few and far between. More often than not they turn out to be like Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer and Heartiste, people who find that the data justifies every single one of their biases towards other groups.

    • John Engelman / Oct 28 2016 3:05 AM

      Wherever you look, Asians outperform whites academically and financially…

      we have a considerably less than one standard deviation difference between
      Asian IQ — North Asian IQ — and white IQ. I think that, too, is a result of
      genetics, and I think that that is what explains the dominance of Asians in
      certain fields, and their lower rates of illegitimacy compared to whites, their
      lower crime rates, their better achievement in school, their higher average

      I think Asians are objectively superior to whites by just about any measure
      that you can come up with in terms of what are the ingredients for a successful

      – Jared Taylor Interview

    • rw95 / Oct 28 2016 4:35 PM

      @John Engelmen,

      Jared Taylor has still made a career out of blaming Negroes for every single one of the problems of America today. And unfortunately, it seems that HBD proves him right.

    • / Nov 8 2016 11:28 AM


      I am an alt-right Asian and I highly doubt that the more extreme views will ever pass. Honestly, if the Overton window moves to even make discussion of this possible, it’ll be an amazing thing.

    • rw95 / Nov 9 2016 11:57 AM


      If by “alt-right” you mean right-leaning thought that is opposed to mainstream conservatism and regressive liberalism, then yes, I am “alt-right” as well. But I still think we’re probably better off not having HBD hit the mainstream. If we can get some kind of blue collar jobs back into the country, as well as reform welfare to create a soft eugenics plan (not paying ghetto dwellers to have 10 kids on the dole), I think we’ll be OK. But as an Asian, you have it astronomically better than blacks or Hispanics. Jared Taylor has no problem with Asians, but like all white nationalists, he hates blacks with a passion.

    • Samuel Skinner / Dec 5 2016 10:46 AM

      Test to see if comment was eaten or went through

  7. Yudi / Oct 29 2016 10:05 PM

    No it doesn’t. No amount of is can equate to an ought. Prejudice amounts to rudeness in mild forms and cruelty in extreme ones. Both are condemned by the mores and laws of a civilized society. HBD can actually strengthen decency by putting the focus back on good treatment for its own sake instead of shackling it to false ideas of sameness between groups.

    Even if things are getting worse, would you care to explain what uneducated, illiterate blacks and Hispanics would do to improve their situation?

    • rw95 / Oct 30 2016 1:22 PM

      HBD pretty much shows that nothing can be done to improve the situations of blacks and Hispanics. Yes, I know that there are many blacks and Hispanics that do very well, and are functional members of society. But the alt-right doesn’t give a damn about that. They live in their own reality where whites are perfect and nonwhites, particularly blacks, are objectively inferior. And (despite the fact that there are huge differences between northwestern Euros and the rest), HBD largely proves this to be the case.
      What would you propose? I’m open to suggestions although I believe prospects are grim.

    • Ed the Department Head / Nov 2 2016 1:02 PM

      If we do multiculturalism in the future, it could possibly be successful if it:
      (1.) abandoned the anti-white thrust of politically correct multiculturalism and became devoted to allowing all individuals to reach their ability within their genetic framework. This would mean trying to copying Singapore’s multiculturalism and trying to promote meritocracy. Under such a system, illegal immigration would end and illegals would be deported, legal immigration would be restricted, and affirmative action would be abolished. Everyone would be encouraged to take pride in being American and denunciations for racist and ethnocentric speech would be applied against non-whites and Jews just as much as White Gentiles. Anti-whites, among White leftists and non-whites, would have to be vilified and blacklisted in the fashion that White Nationalists are when anti-whites try to revive the failed division causing pc version of multiculturalism we live under today and reignite ethno-racial conflict. If most Blacks and Hispanics ended up on the bottom of society under such a system, as Malays tend to be on the bottom in Singapore, they would be culturally indoctrinated that racial resentment is not acceptable in a meritocracy (the same way now whites are indoctrinated that racism is wrong) and they would have a high standard of living to pacify them if such a society strove to have all its citizens well off regardless of class and ability (citizenism).

      (2.) A eugenics program implemented across the board at the national level using the soon to be realized technologies of CRISP and other genetic alteration methods would also be beneficial to societal stability and prosperity under such a system.

    • Sam / Dec 5 2016 9:59 AM

      1)That didn’t work in Yugoslavia. I have no idea why you think it would work in the US.

      2)See above

    • kn83 / Apr 25 2017 11:53 PM


      It is simply not true that NAMs can’t improve their situation, especially if eugenics and genetic engineering become available.

      You are overreacting about the “rise” of the Alt-right. If the majority of the White race reject white nationalism, then they have no chance of ever being mainstream in the next few decades. And if Abraham Lincoln and the Confederates couldn’t get blacks deported then there is no chance they could.

  8. RaceRealist / Nov 1 2016 12:42 PM

    Now imagine that these people in fact actually do run society, only instead of denying evolution completely, they deny that it applies to humans, especially within the last 50,000 years…

    Re: Gould and Mayr.

    Though I agree with them full well that evolution isn’t “progressive”, what are your thoughts on that, JayMan?

  9. John Engelman / Jul 5 2017 3:26 PM

    @John Engelmen,

    Jared Taylor has still made a career out of blaming Negroes for every single one of the problems of America today. And unfortunately, it seems that HBD proves him right.

    – rw95 / Oct 28 2016 4:35 PM


    I access Jared Taylor’s website American Renaissance nearly every day. His thinking is more complex than that. He does not engage in scapegoating. He does acknowledge unfortunate facts about Negroes, and argues that these facts are genetically caused.

    Although Jared Taylor calls himself a race realist he can more accurately be called a white nationalist.

    A race realist believes that race is an important biological classification of humans, that the races differ significantly in average ability levels and behavior, and that these differences have evolved in response to thousands of years of different population pressures.

    A white nationalist believes that whites have obligations to other whites that they do not have to other people of other races.

    I am a race realist. I am not a white nationalist. That is where Jared Taylor and I disagree. I have known many non whites and Jews I have liked. I have known a few white Gentiles who earned my hostility. I fail to see to see why I should be more concerned for the well being of those in the second group than those in the first group.

    Jared Taylor talks much of “the interests of white people.” He does not explain how those interests differ from the interests of decent people of all races.

    • JayMan / Jul 5 2017 3:27 PM

      Well said!

    • John Engelman / Jul 5 2017 3:29 PM


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