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Blog News’ve started this “Blog News” page. It will feature updates in the JayMan world in between blog posts.






Current News

Lez kiss beachNew post published, finally! See my current thoughts on the evolution of female same-sex attraction (bisexuality, lesbianism) at my 199th post:

Female Same-Sex Attraction Revisited

Please notify me if you find any dead links on any of my posts and pages!

b1T8oFzDI’ve created a new page, Misdreavus Stream, collecting some of Misdreavus’s latest excellent tweets. Covering obesity, pathogens & the gay germ, “Neoreaction” and Confederate apologism, this is a must-see.



Misdreavus is back (even if just for a while). Read this comment exchange on “ethnic genetic interests” (and the non-existence of such) and the origin, function, and situational nature of reciprocal altruism, racial mate preferences, and so much more! Be sure to see all of Misdeavus’s comments!

Updated my Obesity Facts page. I’ve added a section on overfeeding experiments, and what they have to tell us. Much more to come!

Readers seeing my American Nations posts, be sure to see the whole series

North American Nations 4 3

Please see my review page covering my American Nations Series at the top, in addition to all my other topical summary pages visible in the menu at the top of the page.





Post updates:

I’ve added a link to the full paper on the heritability of military service to my post Maps of the American Nations. In a national U.S. sample, the heritability was found to be 82%, with zero shared environment. The use of a national sample allows us to rule out regional environmental effects as being involved, as this would turn up in the shared environment.

To my post Germania’s Seed, I’ve added the election results from more election years from Weimar Germany, illustrating the persistent regionbal differences across the country which pre-date WW II.

I’ve updated my post A Tentative Ranking of the Clannishness of the “Founding Fathers”. I’ve collected passages from Albion’s Seed that have been cited in comments here and there and consolidated them into the post. A minorish edit, but should aid anyone investigating the matter.

As added to my post The Son Becomes the Father, a new meta-analysis of twin studies of life satisfaction and subjective well-being with a combined sample of nearly 48,000 confirms the significant heritability of these things (~35%). In addition, it finds a zero shared environment impact! These results hold even when you look only at the twins raised apart. Many people who recognize the importance of heritability research hold out with the view that parenting and childhood life can impact one’s adult happiness. This unequivocally confirms that it does not.

Thanks to data supplied by Colin Woodard, I was able to calculate how represented each American Nation is among my readers as per my Reader Poll Results (at least, to the extent that the voters represent my total readership). Check it out!

I’ve updated my post The Atheist Narrative. I corrected a misreporting of the shared environment estimate on religiosity. This has been shown to be zero, but the study in the original post didn’t show this.

Oh, some of you may have noticed, but I forgot to mention that,  a while back, I disabled the comments at my post No, You Don’t Have Free Will, and This is Why. It seems there’s nothing like a discussion of free will to bring out the crazies, and at this point it seems unlikely anything remotely useful will be said on the topic.

Page updates:

On my American Nations Series page, I’ve added a map of the major climate zones of North America and juxtaposed it against the map of the American Nations. This serves to demonstrate the role of climate in shaping the early westward migrations during the expansion of the nations. I’ve also added a link to a paper on the genetics of the British Isles, noting that David Hackett Fischer’s Four British Folkways are still very evident in today’s Britain.

To my HBD Fundamentals page, I’ve added a fantastic and incredible review paper, The Genetics of Brain Structure. This paper confirms the high heritability of brain structure, as well as the relationship of brain structure to IQ. It also discusses what is known about the links between specific genomic areas and brain structure. Very well written by people who understand heritability and genetics, and is a must read.

Added a nice little video summing up the situation with health and fitness to my page Obesity Facts

Some of the latest and best JayMan tweets:

TwitterWorldwideI’ve moved my best recent tweets to its own new page. Check it out!

My Best Recent Tweets




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Post 198 is done! Closing in on my 200th post! Stay tuned!

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  1. unknown128 / Jan 12 2015 10:50 AM

    “Most of the political discussion about the Paris attacks is pretty stupid. The real reason is simple: violent clannish people be violent.”

    To be honest Im surprised that most middle eastern and north african countries have quiet a low murder rate compared to Latin America….Same goes for India, maybe the clanishness is good at holding violence at bay in a society were almost everyone has a clan to back one up?

    I dont know if one can trust subsaharan murder statistics but Muslim subsaharan Africa at averege has a lower murder rate then Christian or Animist Africa, just as the Muslim states have a higher gender inequality and rate of child marrige…I dont know how clannish christian SSA is but it seems there is something in Muslim societies that makes them less prone to murder then their non muslim equivalents….just like Muslim societies have less gender equality even if other factors in development are controlled for.

    • JayMan / Jan 12 2015 10:59 AM


      See Peter Frost on that.

      The general theme is that violence is lower among Muslims in Muslim-majority countries because each man has to fear violent retribution from the aggrieved’s kinsmen. So that creates a “balance of terror” that keeps violence is check. In NW Euro societies, there is no such backlash, and Muslim violence runs amok.

  2. unknown128 / Jan 12 2015 3:43 PM

    I wonder though why is the homicide rate so much higher in subsaharan Africa then in the Muslim or Hindu worlds, is ssA not clanish, dont institutions like blood feud and clan honor work there?

  3. unknown128 / Jan 14 2015 9:50 AM


    I wonder though even if their crime rate is 2-3 times higher then that of native Europeans its still far lower then in many parts of the world or then in 16 century Europe. Does that mean there was selection for lower criminality and violence in the Middle east too? Or did they historicly have lower crime rates then Europe which overtook them only in the 18th century?

  4. panjoomby / Jan 18 2015 3:12 PM

    JayMan (2015) “Some people (many, actually) NEED to believe that the “environment” has big effects (more than it actually does).”

    Amen, bro. As Upton Sinclair (1935) often said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

    Sadly, too many people practice “emotional epistemology” & determine truth by how something “feels” (e.g., see religion:)

    PS – I am honored to be your #5 commenter for 2014 – I had no idea I was so chatty! You’re doing all the hard work & my hat is off to you.

  5. Anthony / Jan 19 2015 12:42 AM

    “It seems there’s nothing like a discussion of free will to bring out the crazies”

    Is that genetically or environmentally determined?

  6. Anthony / Jan 19 2015 12:45 AM

    The veterans map is interesting. It would be more interesting to compare it to a map of the origin of veterans (county of residence at time of enlistment). The South anecdotally provides more than its share of the military, but veterans seem to avoid living in the deep south (except Florida).

  7. chainsmoker / Jan 28 2015 3:09 PM

    Jayman, I thought you were sub-saharan african? Your child does not look african.

    • MEH 0910 / Jan 30 2015 4:46 PM

      From JayMan’s About Me page: “I am a second generation Jamaican-American of Black, White (English), and Chinese descent”

  8. Ryan / Feb 11 2015 5:38 PM

    Hi JayMan,

    You point out that freedom of speech is necessarily about unwelcome speech because welcome speech needs no protection.

    So, obviously true and all. But I wonder your opinion on the basic premise of whether free speech makes sense in a multi-ethnic society. To use an example, Singapore doesn’t have free speech or a free press. If Chinese people talk smack about Malays they’re put in jail. If a newspaper tried to foment riots after a Chinese police officer shoots a Malay, the newspaper would be down.

    As applied in France, they could have a law limiting the scope of what Imams can preach regarding Islam, and arrest anyone who exceeds it and/or shut down their Mosques. Egypt has a long history of controlling the Muslim Brotherhood this way. They could also have laws which would prevent publication of sufficiently offensive material like that found at Charlie Hedbo, so as to not give the clannish violent people something to be clannish and violent about.

    • JayMan / Feb 11 2015 5:41 PM


      It takes a special type of people to value free speech, apparently Americanish (I’d say Anglo but none of the others seem to have true free speech). This is true of all values: people *create* them.


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